Designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Creative Images

Our graphics designers reduce complex information to bitesize visuals. Our stunning images are designed to get your employees looking each and every time they pass a HealtheSign. Research shows repetitive reinforcement of a message is the key to long term comprehension.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is ready to walk you thru any installation or operational issues.

Free Player Updates

Download new player versions when you want or have the player automatically update.

Free Content Updates

Our designers and health advisors are contantly creating new content and images. As these become available they are automatically scheduled for your player. Your employees will always be looking to see whats new when they pass by.

Minimized Network Bandwidth

HealtheSigns is designed to use a minimum of internet bandwidth. At a scheduled off-peak time each day the player will download that days content. No need to worry about our player inteferring with your network speeds.

Security Ready

Our player uses a standard Microsoft Windows 10 computer. Apply any security settings you wish.