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to adopt micro-behaviors that can improve their long-term physical, behavioral, and mental health. We show hundreds of wellness ideas and tips on digital screens already in your office. You’ll see around 20 clinically-reviewed relevant messages a day. Want to add your own images or messages? No problem. It’s quick and easy to update anytime!

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Your subscription includes a Microsoft Windows 10 Intel Compute Stick for more reliable and secure playback. This wireless device downloads internet content once a day minimizing network usage and preventing any speed drain on your network connection.



Our innovative, clinically-reviewed content reflects current wellness research. It encourages healthy behaviors in employees every day.


Every time your employee passes a HealtheSign they see an educational, inspirational, or motivational message that will get them thinking about their health and wellbeing.

Create a Culture of Wellness

Healthy employees are engaged, productive employees. A healthy workforce is part of a positive, productive organizational culture. And with healthcare costs rising each year, building awareness about wellness is a no-brainer.

More about micro-behaviors

A micro-behavior or micro-habit is a small step to starting something new. HealtheSign's content is designed to trigger or bring to a persons awareness potential behaviors that will contribute to better health and wellness. These habits work because they are easy to start and hard to make excuses for not doing. Once they become routine another positive behavior can be added.

For example, simply placing your food on a smaller plate can help you reduce your food intake. Taking the stairs or walking 10 minutes before lunch is within most peoples easy reach. When the habit is small it is less intimidating and fits into busy schedules. Doing this for a month or two leads to habit formation. Habit formation leads to long-term change by making the behavior automatic.

Healthesigns is always ready with a new message that just might trigger a positve behavior change in your employees and visitors. Priced at a few dollars a day it is the best money you will spend on a corporate wellness program.

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About HealtheSigns Content

HealtheSign's content inspires your employees to be their own health champion by adopting micro-behaviors that can improve their long-term physical, behavioral, and mental health.

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